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Following up with residency programs during the medical residency application cycle is extremely important and can help garner more interviews, higher rankings, and ultimately, your best Match.

Generally speaking, there are three types of residency follow-up letters:
  1. Letters of Interest - Sent to programs you’ve applied to but have not yet heard back from to express your particular interest in their program.

  2. Thank You Letters - Sent after completing your residency interview.

  3. Letters of Intent - Sent during Rank Order season to those programs you intend on ranking highly.
From October through December and even January, you should be preparing and sending Letters of Interest for your top residency programs. Sending 5-20 of these can result in a significant increase in your total number of interviews!

Click below for the full details regarding how to create the most compelling and appropriate Letters of Interest and beyond.

View Complete Guide for Letters of Communication
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