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for IMGs, as an IMG how it feels like to prepare for usmle?

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About me, i feel like 1.5 years: are not even enough for prepration for step 1, i"m a second year medical student, the problem that in my university the clinical knowledge is left mainly for 3-6 years, also the books which are recommended and mostly used by the students are sometimes different from that recommended for usmle. I receive good marks but i feel that i can't deal with usmle questions at all. Do you feel the same?, any recommendations?
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don't worry my friend , just work a lot and you will be better , than yesterday . i am also IMG , third year student . this year i decided to start for my usmle preparation , it is very hard for me for several reasons . though i know english , but it was first time when i started to read medicine on english .1) our university teaches us on other language , other books , other methods . 2) other reason is that we study one subject in university program, and i learn other subject for usmle . i must stop learning some subjects in university and learn my usmle subjects instead of them . but subjects which are common (we study them now in university and i learn it for usmle right now) are very differend . for example pharmacology , usmle gives some other drugs , but my university gives other drugs . so don't worry my friend , we must try hard to kick this boards ! i read several times one subject and still cannot memorize it . if i be free from university , it would be a great advantage for me to study for usmle .
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1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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