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Foreigner in Canadian med school considered as AMG?

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Hi everyone,

I'm a second year medical school in Malaysia who is transferring to Dalhousie Medical School in Canada for clerkship years. I am planning to take USMLE steps and go to the USA for my residency.

So, I was wondering if international medical graduates (neither Canadian nor American) who graduated from Canadian med school are considered as AMG? or are we still in IMG category??

And does it increase the chances of me getting into a residency program if i am inside AMG category??

Please reply
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Who will give the Diploma?

Who's going to give you the Diploma? If it is your Malaysia college then you are not going to be considerd and AMG.
However, a clerkship in Canada is certainly a big plus for you but you won't be in the AMG category you will be something like the Caribbean ;)
Oh yes

Yes. absolutely
You will be considered an AMG without any doubts.
It's about med school, it's not about citizenship.

For example, US citizen who graduate from India are considered IMGs. Likewise, you will be considered an AMG and your origin and nationality does not matter.

You will have very good chance in matching in a good specialty if you get high USMLE Scores :D
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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