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Sorry if this has been discussed before, but my application is going to be sent tonight, so need this clarified.

I am a graduate, and on completing the online application, I was issued FORM 186, which my uni will dispatch soon.

1. Are form 187 and 344 discontinued? I cannot find them on the ECFMG forms website.
2. The ECFMG website does not have any information about photograph dimensions. The pic I got attested in form 186 and 345(x2) measures 35mm x 45mm European size. Is that okay, or has anyone's application been rejected due to photograph dimensions!

3. My envelope contents : Form 186, Form 345(x2 copies), Two copies of my consolodated marks transcript, two copies of my diploma/degree, two "passport sized" photos 45mm x 35mm European size, and my internship certificate and conduct certificate. << Is this document required, for candidates who had to do a compulsory internship, as a part of the curriculum?

Thank you for your help!
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