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Form 187 and no Form 186!

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I am an Indian medical graduate,
I just filled up IWA online

Got form 344 and 345 along with, form 187, but I am not getting form 186, should I pay for step 1 or step 2 to get form 186?
and what is the mode of payment ,i mean how to transfer currency in dollars through bank?
and what are the documents I should send to ECFMG along with these forms 186, 187 ,344 ,345...
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If you did not get form 186 it means that you did not tell them that you are a graduate but rather still undergraduate.
Form 187 is for undergraduates and form 186 is for graduates.

Payment is via Money Order. You have to go to the bank and ask them send the money it should be payable to "Education Committee for Foreign Medical Graduates" in $dollars. You should also include their appropriate address in the money order and your full name and your USMLE ID number (very important). Of course, the easier way is to pay online using a credit card.

You don't need to send other documents in addition to what you mentioned.

Please read this thread for more details
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