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Form 327A and Medical Credentials

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Hi all ,
my application is verified about 2 days ago , but now the ECFMG sent form 327 A and transferred credit transcript to my college and they want verification of my diploma and a transcript from the college.
Did anyone have been through this process to tell me exactly what to do? know anything about this form? what should I do to make this process smooth and fast ?
btw my college will not include a transcript and it will not send it.

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Form 327 a exception remark - Please help

I am a graduate from India. I have a service bond obligation towards my Med School which is disputed and pending before the High Court of Kerala State, India for final order. Despite the fact that the issue is under juridical consideration, my med school wants to mention "YES" to query number 5 in form 327a and mention that I have violated bond conditions and I have un discharged obligations towards my med school.
How damning this remark will be? Kindly let me know if this exception remark will have any impact on ECFMG credential verification or affect me adversely in my USMLE aspirations?
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