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This is the major difference between Step 3 and Step 1 and CK.
In Step 3 you have CCS (Computer based Case Simulations). It's a testing environment where they give you a case and you decide what to do step by step. Like what history you want to ask, what labs you want to order, what clinical setting you want to transfer the case to, after how long you want to see the case again, ...etc.
The sequence of the case is determined by your responses and there's no standard answer.
Step 3 also include the classical MCQs in Day 1 of the exam.
Day 2 of the exam include four blocks of MCQs and another four hours in which you have to finish 9 CCSs.
So CCS part is computarized MCQs or like CS exam?? it is name " computer " suggests that it is computerized, but the explanation you told is a complete H & P exam suggest real cases like CS...
Thanks in advance
1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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