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1- What is step 3? is it the same as Step 2 CK?

2- Am I allowed to take it during my last year in study or I must be graduated? and can I take it before I take step 2 CS?

3- Can I take the exam in Prometric center anywhere like I will with step 1 or 2 CK or it have to be in US like CS?

4- Is it the same format of questions cause I heard something like CCS and I don't know what that mean?

5- How much it cost is $880 like the previous or not?

6- Now about residency I heard that they accept the one who doesn't have issues with visa meaning it will be enhance your situation if you have green card or US passport so will the step 3 make me equal with the ones having US passport or green card cause by then I can get H1 visa I guess that is more great than b1 visa?

7- I read in this thread that the good reference is the Kaplan notes for step 2 CK so does that mean that I can study for both of the exams at the same time so I don't waste my time?

8- Do I need FA in Step 3?

9- I heard about something called Fifth pathway. What is that exactly?

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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