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Hi. Guys.

I'm seriously looking for study partners not to mention mutual SPs.

I personally don't like to present at some-unknown-hesitating-heck of a price commercial review workshop. and also strongly believe that this test can be successfully overcome by right material and study partner solely.

My name is Sean Park and currently staying in Houston temporarily for my visiting to MDACC and Test.

I am IMG-physician myself as a practicing nephrologist in Seoul.
If you are in similar time frame with me and you are in Houston, then plz let's go together. we are NOT going to discuss on Skype but preferably, we are actually meeting together and study intensively in Houston area(after discussion of finding ideal place)

We are going to study HARD all the way through the April.
FYI, My test day is Apr. 27.
FON is 1.505.228.6142
emel is dr.park.nephrology (gmail)

Plz email me or text me, if you're really serious as much as myself.
My appreciation
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