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Koilocytes ----- HPV infection, condyloma acuminatum and CA cervix
Hidradenoma ---- Along the milk line
Diethylstilbestrol --------- Vaginal clear cell carcinoma
Grape like ------------- Sarcoma botryoides & H mole
Cambium layer, strap and tad pole cells ----- Embroyonal rhabodmyosarcoma
Fitz-Hugh-Curtis ----------------- violin-string adhesions from liver to tubes
Multiple sex partners in females ------- CA cervix or PID
Actinomyces ------ IUD infection
Powder burns & chocolate cysts ------ Endometriosis
Pseudomyxoma peritonei -------- mucinous ovarian cystadenoma or cystadenocarcinoma
Struma ovarii ------ thyroid tissue in teratoma
Meigs syndrome ---- ovarian fibroma + ascitis + pleural effusion
Call Exner bodies ------ Granulosa cell tumor
Schiller Duval bodies ------ Endodermal sinus tumor in the male
Krukenberg tumor ------ Gastric signet cell metastasizing to ovary
Honeycombed uterus ----- H mole
Bowen disease, erythroplasia of Queyrat ---- CA penis premalignant
Placental alkaline phosphatase --------- Seminoma
Peri urethral zone ---- BPH, Peripheral zone ---- Prostate CA
CA-125 ----- CA ovary
Gleason grading ---- Prostate CA
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