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Welcome to USA

Welcome to USA!

I am sure you'll enjoy your elective rotation in Massachusetts.

If you are coming really soon then you need to be prepared for extremely cold weather in MA which will be there until the end of May.

During your elective you'll get a chance to get used to the American accent. and do not worry at all about your accent and don't be embarrassed, Americans are used to foreign accents and in fact they sometimes love to listen to them.

You need to show up very early in the morning and you need to show extreme enthusiasm.

Try to write notes about each patient and go back home and read about the disease and come next day and ask the professor about the stuff that you did not understand.

Try to give a presentation and so I suggest that you try to learn Power Point or any other software that help you make presentation and when you come here ask your professor to allow you give a presentation, (again do not be embarassed).

Socialize with anybody you see, residents, nurses, faculty, patients, ..etc American people love to socialize and chat and laugh.

Do not feel like a stranger, over 25% of the population are people just like you, they just came to USA.

Good luck

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I will take that in consideration, i have been searching the net for the LOR's tips, and somewhere a person said that one should tell the attending early about it... if so.. how
In my opinion, it's wrong to ask the attending about your LoR intention up front. It does not look professional.
Most of them are willing to write for you, but you need to leave that to the end of your rotation.
Try to show yourself to different attendings so that if one of them refused to write you can ask the other.

and another thing, should i talk or email the internal medicine program director, or should i adress him through one of my attendings or fellows (i mean ask somebody to introduce me)
Don't jump into the big head from the beginning. Give it sometime, try to show yourself to him/her, like during the morning reports and rounds.
The best way is to ask his/her secretory/assistant during the last week of your rotation for an "Exit Interview", make it look like you are asking for his/her advice on what to do next and how to increase your chances in matching ...etc
This Exit Interview can prove very useful and may open the door for you to future matching, but as I said, do it only after you showcased yourself before it and at the last week of your rotation.

from your personal experience, what makes you think.. ohh thats a great medical student, thats a good student, and thats an average med student...
A good med student, is the one who have shown great enthusiasm by coming early and leaving late, the one who showed great deal of knowledge, the one who seemed to have nice professional relationships with colleagues and paramedical staff and patients, one who is looking to solve patients problems with passion, one who's interested in research, one who's bringing up references to recent articles, one who's technologically aware, one who's aware of the American social and economic and demographic norms, ....etc
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