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Getting Ready for the 2011 Scramble

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There's a growing number of companies that are helping residency applicants prepare for the match.

They all started sending out there email campaigns to attract students preparing for the residency scramble season due in a couple of months.

Here's a list of these services and you make your choice!

Advanced Colleges of America offering 30 minutes mock scramble interview on several days within the next two weeks:
For details visit

IMG Residency is offering a Webinar on January 15th.
For details visit

MatchAResident (Owners of Electronic Residency) is offering a variety of packages to get you ready for the 2011 Scramble.
For details visit

IMG Prep has come up with what's called iMatch! Claiming better pricing system and free Scramble analysis.
For details visit


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How does it work?

Can someone please explain how these companies help you find a residency spot during the scramble period because I thought that once the list of unfilled spots is released, those spots are filled on that same day by 4pm.
So how do these companies work in getting you in soo fast?
And, do IMGs stand a chance during the scramble, or do most of the unfilled spots go to the unmatched AMGs?

Thank you!
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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