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Goljan or kaplan

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Goljan or Kaplan for Pathology?

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Hey guys need a guideline for pathology ...loads of my friends find this really confusing
and every second person is asking this question I thought to start a poll...

Moreover, which lectures notes and audio makes a best combo ?

I would appreciate your input
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Goljan's miracle

Goljan is more than a pathology book... When you read it, you enjoy the links he makes among subjects.. in fact, Goljan underestimated his book by titling it "pathology" !!! some physiology subjects are writtten in Goljan better than their similar subjects in physiology book of Kaplan ( like water and electrolytes control by the kidneys for example ).. after digesting RR pathology , reading medicine is a picnic. the miracle is how it is included in relatively small size with great detailed contents!
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1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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