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Goljan or kaplan

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Goljan or Kaplan for Pathology?

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Hey guys need a guideline for pathology ...loads of my friends find this really confusing
and every second person is asking this question I thought to start a poll...

Moreover, which lectures notes and audio makes a best combo ?

I would appreciate your input
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People are making a fuss about pathology and Goljan. I read Kaplan notes and watched the videos, read FA, and did questions, and that was enough. My scores were highest in pathology (reaching up to 82% correct). But it's worth noting that all pathology questions are presented in a clinical scenario format that makes them more or less like internal medicine, and I was very good at it in med school.

Many of my friends who used Kaplan, and not Goljan, got 99s.

Someone once told me that it's not about the books, but about who is reading the books. So any book would do as long as you study smart. Go with the book you feel more comfortable with.
what do you think about one learning the two all together if time is not a problem. do you thing it's advisable. would that be better of?

thanks in advance for you input.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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