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Goljan Rapid Review - Breaking it down to Step 1 and Step 2 HY info!

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Hey guys,

I have a copy of RR (and a used BRS path, but I've been looking at RR during 2nd year classes), and I just ran across a somewhat disconcerting notion. During Goljan's first GYN audio file (#33) at around 8:18, he starts to discuss Dysfunctional Uterine Bleeding, which is found on page 450 of his RR book.

He breaks DUB into three types: Anovulatory, inadequate luteal phase, and irregular shedding of the endometrium, and tells the class that Step 1 is only concerned with anovulatory DUB, while the latter two will only show up on Step 2. However, the RR book includes full information on all three types of DUB without any indication that the latter two aren't high yield for Step 1.

So now I'm wondering "okay then, how much of the info in RR is geared for Step 2? How do I avoid wasting my time trying to learn and remember that when I'm studying for Step 1?" I like the format and depth of RR over BRS, but I don't want to waste time studying low-yield info. So, is RR a hodgepodge of both Step 1 and 2 material, or was that inclusion about DUF more of an exception than the rule?
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Be on the safe side

It's difficult to break down RR book into what's good for Step 1 and what's good for step 2.
Also, more and more clinical questions are appearing in Step 1 and now the story is much different than the time when Goljan gave those lectures which you are listening to now.

To be on the safe side, know everything that's in the RR Book
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