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got all material...need help(india)

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hi guys.. I am from India during my internship.. planning to take the first step in July this year. I got all Kaplan vids and books and first aid . also Goljan slides, book and audio.. I want to know what's the process of starting study. and when to apply for uworld and nbme. and how to apply for NBME. also what is USWA? when should I apply for a date ? these are certain questions I would really like to know.

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hey, well answering all that is gonna need a really long reply but here is what i can tell you.
how to start studying is what you have to sort out your self as it varies greatly from person to person. most people do the kaplan notes and videos first, then goljan notes and audio for pathology. the second read, you do kaplan qbank. uworld and first aid along with or after the third read.

UWSA is a self assessment exam designed by uworld. you can do that or do NBME or both. NBME is a better option I believe. You can take either of them at the end of your prep or during your prep so that you can see if your scores are going up with your prep or not.
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