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My USMLE experience

Hello everybody,

Here is how I prepared for the test,
I kinda took long time studying it was about 8 months
I used :
Kaplan lecture notes 2006-2007 edition with Kaplan videos (but not all of the videos)
First Aid 2008 edition
Kaplan Qbook and Qbank
UW Qbank

I reviewed the lecture notes and followed them by Kaplan Qbook for that subj.
Regarding the videos I only watched Physiology lectures that I found helpful for me, with some for Biostatistics ,Biochemistry and Micro .

Then I started FA reading and Kaplan Qbank for 1 month not timed ,random Q and got average 69%

There after I took UW one month doing random Q with timing and mainly practiced how to solve question within time which was very imp. factor for me, I did 85% of the questions and got average score around 67%

While doing Q I alw. referred to either Kaplan notes or to FA with writing short notes of my own cause I knew I wouldn't have enough time to review long notes .

The last 2 weeks before the test I focused mainly of FA and my notes ,didn't do any of self assessment banks cos didn't have much time .

If anyone asks me about what advice I could give for anyone preparing for the test ,I'd say that there is no specific plan that could work for everyone ,you have to study the way that is best for you and suits your time and circumstances ,but what is very important is to alw. think that you can do this test ,don't think of it as a big beast or burden( as I used to) ,most importantly is to relax specially the last few days before the test and get good enough sleep the night of the test( I only had 2 hrs which made me very tired and sleepy on the day of the test ).

Try to practice how to answer Q in time, for me I got extra few minutes after each block so I could use the extra min. to review the marked questions or the ones that am not sure of.

Regarding the questions themselves, I found most of them fair and workable with some kinda hard graphs and curves, while most of the multimedia or associated CTs MRIs Microscp. photos or murmurs ,etc were easy .

I hope that you can find something helpful from my experience ,and if anyone has any question plz ask :)

Really wanna thank this Forum staff and members,I learned about a lot of infos. from here although I did not participate before.

Thank you and Good luck in your coming steps :):):)

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congratulations ... great score
I have never heard this combination before
one of my friends who got 234 was given 97 by two digit score
you are lucky, my friend..
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