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Got my Scheduling Permit

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I'm preparing for step 1, planning to give it in March, I received my scheduling permit from the ECFMG site, I want to know, will I receive the same in my postal address bcos its given in oasis, the status of my scheduling permit as sent on so and so date.
I received only a letter stating that my medical diploma s been sent to my medical school for verification and nothing more.

Is there a need for the medical school to sent the verified diploma b4 my exam? or can I write the exam with the scheduling permit which I got from ECFMG site ??????

plz help..........:)
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The ECFMG no longer mail the scheduling permit, you only get it from OASIS and you have to print it out and take it with you to the Prometric center.

As long as you have a scheduling permit then that's it you can go and take the exam and you don't need to wait for Diploma verification.
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