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Got the score, Its 99(234). Hurray!

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Thanks to the community, It helped me big time
Just got score.
Its 99(234).
Will be back to post more
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congrats man.. great great score!! u aced it

share with us ur experience and materials used:)
congrats... such a great score & best of luck for the next one :)
great congrat man .. success taste is so sweety....
i wish i feel sooooooooooooon
share ur experience
congrats!... Its a great score. Good luck on your step 2 journey. Go and have fun now.
Congrats on your well deserved success. Go celebrate! :happy:
Thanks @ heights, doctors monsters, aktorque, cerebrum 85, wimzie, mondoshawan, latin george.
I hope i didn't miss anyone.

Well Thanks God. Indeed God helps those, who help themselves.

Well first let me thank all members of usmle-forums. You were great. I had been reading all other forums but usmle-forums was the only one forum where I got all the satisfactory answers which I wanted and helped me pass my post exam 3 weeks (which were full of stress and anxiety).

Now regarding books
Well I read all Kaplan books (including kaplan pathology), USMLE World, FA, Goljan (only audios).

NBME 6 about 4 days before exam = 229

Day before exam: Contrary to most people say, I studied till about 10 PM then played with my 4 year old nephew (to lessen my anxiety). I went to bed early but could not sleep till about 1 AM

Exam day: Woke up at about 7 o'clock, had light breakfast, went early to Prometric center.

Block 1: first few questions (was like what are these? then with time questions became easier), wasted like 5 minutes on some questions (which I would advise others not to do), as it leads to lack of time for some very easy questions and ended in making mistakes in those easy questions and also could not revise marked questions (it was my biggest mistake)
Took 10 minutes break after each block (didn't take lunch---->personal preference)

Blocks 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 looked same like some easy, some tough and some out of the world questions. Time management was a problem for me as in last few questions I had no time and I had to mark without completely understanding questions due to lack of time (another mistake-----> future usmle takers should avoid), but attempted almost all questions except 1

When came out of Prometric (Felt like exam was fine but with time silly mistakes (i made) started to creep in mind---->this is the worst period (3 weeks) and not to forget I cried last night (lol)

My mistakes
1) didn't read Goljan book
2) didn't read uworld twice
3) didn't read Goljan slides

Any more questions? happy to answer. Its time to return the favor on this forum

P.S: Exam is very much doable
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congratulation....awesome score...see u were being afraid for long did u take to prepare...n how many hours??

First of all, CONGRATS! ... that is a great score!

So, I am coming up close to my exam and was wondering what did you do for say last 2 weeks before your exam (did you just read FA and focused on the weak points according to your NBME..or did you do something else)? Also, you say that you wish you looked at goljan slides...why do you say that? Did you come back and look at them and noticed that some appeared on your exam? And one last thing...from all the questions you have done (Uworld, NBME, etc) what would you say the real exam questions are most similar to (ex: NBME 7?) as far as format and difficulty go?

Thanks for the help and PARTY NOW!:D
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Thank you for the details! Did you take just one NBME??? and what was your cumulative score in uworld?

congrats........gr8 score:)

i too had got a 229 in NBME6 but jus a 224 in actual exam.....

Good luck for step 2:)

well done
go on and enjoy ur success
Thanks to the community, It helped me big time
Just got score.
Its 99(234).
Will be back to post more
Congrats man....:)
congratulations :)
well done!!
wish u the best further on and thanks for the feedback :)
congrats and wish u always the best .

i am very happy to you and your anxiety is gone now.

good luck
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