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Got the score, Its 99(234). Hurray!

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Thanks to the community, It helped me big time
Just got score.
Its 99(234).
Will be back to post more
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Hey Dr. Sherani,
See I told you not to worry...
Congratulations anyways!!!

Congratulation .... :)

Thanks for sharing
By the way, what are goljan slides ..
I never seen before .Is it necessary ?
Congrats bro

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Thanks @ doctor B,sana zahid,noone_123,doctor monsters,sheena,zeeshan ali,sanket,hypermedic,chulady,kemoo,shaan_medico,docmjm1,star123...

@sana --->1)yes, you were right :))
2)(As i am also doing internship(housejob),so could not give much time to studies but i would say 4 months(about 8 hours) would be the time if i add all together.

@nooone_123---->In last few days was trying to revise uworld(which i could not finish 2nd time) + was studying subjects i got low score in nbme+FA.I think looking at length of questions, nbme 7 and uworld both were near to real exam.(but i thought may b exam had few a bit more lengthy questions than either).You can skip goljan slides if you have read goljan.

@doctorsmonsters----->Regarding uworld,when started to score in 70's,then (due to lack of time) ,i just read explainations of remaining questions----->so couldnt estimate uworld score.For other nbme,i went through offlines but thats a personal choice------>you can do online (more predictable)

@ sheena.Congrats.Thats a great score indeed.When was your exam?

@chulady---->goljan slides are not must if you do goljan book

@ sanket----->thanks again.Your words at that time felt so much to me.

@ latingeorge---->that depends on personal choice but after reading kaplan once wont be a bad idea

:) Hope i answered all
Good Luck to all :)
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Ok guys.Looks like no more questions.
Going to step 2 forum now.Bye step 1 forum(you were great)
best of luck to all :)
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Ok guys.Looks like no more questions.
Going to step 2 forum now.Bye step 1 forum(you were great)
best of luck to all :)
Congrats on your great score! just saw your post...
How many times did you read the Kaplan Books, did you do the DVDs? Did you do Kaplan Q bank?Or was UW and nbme the only qbank u used

thanks!!and enjoy ur awesome score:happy:
Hey,Congrats for yr Awesome score.I just wondering to know that which materials most useful n exam questions mostly similar to that ..just like UW becuz exam questions are similar to UW as per my knowlege..So pls let me inform that the most useful n crucial in step 1..I m IMG from india,n i want to give it as early early as possible bc i gonna bored of it so pls like FA n patho videos or audios n UW n last NBME self assessment???????is that ok......
last week of jan


had taken it in last week of jan.......
Thanks @step1saga and chaudhari.

@step1saga-----> may b kaplan books 1 and half times,but i would recommend doing kaplan twice.I didnt use kaplan Qbank.For dvds,watched only few like behavioural etc.(not must though)

@chaudhari----->I guess there is no shortcut if you want good score.Patience is the name of game.You cant skip kaplan lecture notes(books).Other sources you mentioned plus kaplan books would be enough to score high
Thanks @ amenah :)
Good luck to you
Thanks @ jhilmhil. Best of luck to all. :) .I liked your i.d (jhilmil barsaat) :)
Hello everybody,

I feel that I don't have enough time to go through all kaplan videos for step 1. I am wondering to know which videos worth to watch and are "must watch"?

I think behavioural science would be nice to see videos.For others look at your time and then go for them
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