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Graduating Soon, what's next Clerkships or Externships?

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i am a medical student doing my internship in india and would graduate in january 2011(january 3rd,2011 to be precise)..i wanted to know about the clerkships and externships..i am thinking of taking both my step 1 and 2 next year and i wanted to know if i can apply for clerkship programs now when only 3 months of my internship is left?or shall i go for externship only? and i also wanted to know if there is some procedure like filling in applications or something to apply for clerkships and externships?if yes then is there any last date regarding filling applications and all? or can i apply for these programs any time of the year?please answer ..thank you so much..:)
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Clerkships rank higher

Clerkships and electives while you are still medical student is easier to get and more appreciated by US residency programs than either observerships or externships.

Here's the ranking

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