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harlesmd Step 1 Prep Journal

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Hi, I plan to take my exam on early May, and I have been studying for step one for 3 months. Been through Kaplan Lecture Notes twice, all videos, attended the 7 weeks live lecture and now revising FA. Here is my stat so far :

Kaplan Diagnostic Exam : 50%
Kaplan Subject Assessment (all 7 subjects) : average 84%
Kaplan Mid Exam (3 blocks : Anatomy, Biochem, Medical Genetics, Physiology) : 72%
Kaplan Final Exam (4 blocks Pathology, Pharmacology, Micro, Immuno, Behavioral) : 77%
Kaplan Qbanks (only manage to finish 40%, 1st time, mixed) : 72%
Free 143Qs USMLE sample : 87% (this sample questions is easier than Kaplan Qbanks)

Planning to finish revising FA in 2 weeks then take NBME 1 and 2 to assess my readiness to take this exam so I can set my exam date. Then start working on UW and expect to finish it in 3 weeks. I will finish up my prep by taking UWSA 1, 2 and the rest of my NBME form. I will update my progress along the way.

Please feel free to suggest my study plan, thanks
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Good Luck

I've been following this thread and your progress. Its nice to see you share your experience this way. I wish you good luck for your exam since its coming up soon. let us all know how it goes. My exam is in 2 months !! lol
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Where can i get the DVD 2010 lectures on the internet??

if u compare the 7 week lecture, to the latest DVD found on the web 2010 and green notes... how much difference would u find?

by the way thanks for the explanation.. u have a very fast pace.. didnt you annotate in your fa from kaplan
Please tell me where can i get DVD lectures 2010 on the web?
and also what are these green notes you're talking about
Final week

Finally I got my scheduling permit !!!:D
Now I can officially schedule my exam.....

This is my plan for this final week :
1. Review selected topics from FA/Kaplan Lecture Notes (and videos if necessary): Anatomy, Behavioral Science and Pharmacology (if I have time maybe Immunology too since there will be more questions, though it might be experimental ones, but I dont want to feel bad while doing the exam)
2. Review my USMLE World notes
3. Review

I hope I can finish them all in the remaining time...

One day before exam : watching movies and karaoke LOL, sleep early
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Completed the step 1 exam today !!!

I just came out of the exam room.....aaahh, finally it's over, at least for now.
I am going to post my exam experience's time to party !!! Yeah...I don't care about the result now, worrying too much for the result is not gonna change anything...LOL I just did my best.

Happy :))
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