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Hats Off to

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I really like this website.

I am an Internet addict and I study most of the times online and most of my friends are in fact cyber friends.

Last year when I came across this website, I said to myself "Oh this is just another usmle forum and I don't think there's anything new".

But with time, I noticed that the staff of this website are so dedicated and so professional. They don't leave unanswered posts and they always come up with great new polls and ideas.

Hats off USMLE Forums, you really deserve to be coined the term "The Best USMLE Forum Ever"
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really the best....

thank u john, for starting this thread.
as appu rightly mentioned, we live in a 'use and throw' world. we have to be grateful to the people who are helping us solve various problems and sharing their knowledge with us. special mention has to be made regarding the staff, u people are impeccable. thank you all. keep up the great work, god bless.
i also thank every member of this forum. this forum is really the best.
thanks to adrenaline rush for re-activating this thread.
good luck everyone.:)
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