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Help me rank - Couples matching

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I am a carib IMG, applying as a couple for this match.

My ROL currently looks as follows, in order of preference. In brackets I put the distance, in minutes, to the closest interview my partner had.

1) Winthrop university (0 minutes away)
2) Staten island university hospital (45 minutes away)
3) Providence hospital, Michigan (1 hour away)
4) Southern Illinois university (0 minutes away)
5) University of Central Florida (40 minutes away)
6) New York hospital Queens (40 minutes)
7) East Tennessee university (0 minutes)
8) Mt. Sinai at Elmhurst (50 minutes)
9) University of Florida, Jacksonville (2.5 hours. This would have been my number 1 or 2, if not for the distance)
10) Rosalind Franklin university (4 hours)
11) Advocate Illinois Masonic (4 hours)
12) Florida Atlantic University (3 hours)
13) Medstar Franklin (3-4 hours)
14) GBMC (3-4 hours)
15) Carilion clinic (0 minutes)
16) Hurley medical center (0 minutes)
17) Brookdale university (40 minutes)
18) Hackensack medical center (20 minutes)
19) University of Arizona (7 hours. Again.. this would in my top 3 but the closest interview my partner had to this program was 7 hours away)

How I arrived at this list was by taking into account a) distance, and b) chances for fellowship and c) priority to Illinois and Florida programs (that's where our respective homes are). I am interested in heme/onc, at least for now.

This is a work in progress still, and I would appreciate any and all input in terms of insight, adjustments to the list, questions or just comments.

Thank you and good luck to everyone in this match.
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