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ok so here it goes
i am an indian student in china and i want to start my usmle preparataion and here i dont think i am getting enough study enviornment and the studies here in the college is also not upto the mark for usmle exam level
i am at the beginning part of my studies now and i don't know how to carry on
what books to read and how and where to start
guide me plz

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I am also a beginner but I have come to know alot about about step 1 through forums and internet..

First of all you need to set a tentative exam date...

Then get a all the books you need for step 1..

Most people use kaplan LN and videos for all subject and goljan or pathoma for pathology...
Then once you have gone through these books you need do learn First Aid...
Along with FA most people subscribe to uworld(which is a qbank).

And then when you have ince gone through all the material and are confident enough you should give an NBME to know your weak points and where you need to put in more effort.

All the best
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