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I have a little bit of situation here.
I had tried to apply for the USMLE STEP 1 via IWA. I completed the whole thing even the money and all the stuff. Then next day I realized that I had mentioned the wrong Degree Date. Since I graduated fresh I havent been given the Diploma Certificate. And while applying for the first time I thought it is same as the Graduation Date and so wrote the Graduation Date but we are generally given Diploma one year later. So I override the previous application and began a new application this time writing the correct date for the Degree issue. But when I came to the part of printing Form 186 after paying the money i was just given the message that they are awaiting my 186.There was a page where I could print FORM 186. They said my application was complete and i could log out. Then I opened the IWA and saw reprint the form 186 which when i opened contained the same wrong Degree Date and didnt contain the new date which i had written. I am really confused. Please if anyone has any idea on it please give me suggestions. I really need it..WHAT SHOULD I DO???????

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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