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hi guys
I need a favor from any of you who live in houston
I have severe inflammation in my eyes, I used to have this inflammation in the past during exams time
yesterday I went to my doctor in MI he gave me antibiotic eye drop but unfortunately it doesn't work at all
today I reached Houston , and I did not study since two days ,
I need steroid eye drop urgently because my exam is after one week, and I don't have any access to doctors and pharmacies here in Houston.
if anybody can bring to me any steroid eye drop - even if it is used one- to my hotel
I will appreciate that a lot, I can not open my eyes because of the inflammation and at the same time I need to practice cases and typing.
please if someone can help me , contact me on skype at newerafuture or my whatsapp 0014697671748
i appreciate any response
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