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hLLO EVERY ONE...hope every on is living their dreams.I have a BIG BIG problem..and i need help and advice..

I failed my step 1 exam and i did really on a failure scale it might be he lowest score...I am an IMG but a citizen with 2-3 years of US experince.Also have 9 published papers with Neuroscince,ER,Cardiology..
this is the 4th year of my graduation.

Please help me and guide me the timeline if i want to apply in the next match..i am back with my exam prepration and i feel the last time i didnt even sudy(as per the score i got)..

Please i am willing to do any residency program but what u all can suggest about the timeline...Would appreciate the response:)

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take your time


Apparently you are in a hurry to get residency so, you will not get any residency. I am sorry to tell you that. But it is the truth. Please take your time studying to be sure you pass next time and to get a high score. Did you finish all other steps yet?
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