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On a pre-employment check up the patient was found having the following profile.

  • HBsAg Negative
  • Anti-HBs Positive
  • Anti-HAV (IgG) Positive
  • Anti-HAV (IgM) Negative
  • Anti-HBc (IgG) Positive
  • Anti-HBc (IgM) Negative
  • Anti-HCV Negative
Which of the following is true?
A- Acute Hepatitis A infection
B- Window period
C- Vaccinated against Heptitis B
D- Recent Hepatitis B infection
E- Chronic Hepatitis B infection
F- Old Hepatitis B infection
G- Inactive Hepatitis B carrier

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Exactly :D... I think " F " is correct .... If its immunization only, you should have only Anti HBs IgG only.
While during the " window period " or choice "C", you will have only Anti HBc IgM +ve.
In Old infection, there will be +ve Anti HBs IgG and +ve Anti HBc IgG .....

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The correct answer is F

OK guys you got it right.

Old Hepatitis B = The infection has resolved, so HBsAg disappears and Anti-HBs antibodies and Anti-HBc antibodies will be there as in the case above.

Inactive carrier = Is exactly like the old resolved infection but with the difference of higher DNA viral loads implying viral continued reproduction. This is not mentioned in the case above.

Chronic Hepatitis B = The infection persisted, so HBsAg will continue to be there which is not the case above.

Immunized = Only the Anti-HBs antibodies are there and you won't see Anti-HBc as in the case above.

Window period = You won't see the Anti-HBs antibodies as in the case above. The window period is the time between disappearance of the HBsAg and appearance of Anti-HBs antibodies.
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