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here is the difference between First Aid 2010 and 2011

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There is no difference.

First Aid 2011 has taken some things out and moved a couple things around.. All in all, there is minimal changes, not worth getting if you have 2010.

I still think FA 2010 is the best First Aid out.
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Yeah I have FA 2009 and compared the micro section to 2011; there were a few changes but nothing drastic. I imagine it's probably even more similar to 2010. I'm still mainly using 2009 because Kaplan hasn't updated their qbank to reference the 2011 version as yet (wish they'd hurry and get it done).
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some more changes

There are some additional points in 2011 regarding
Sleep patterns in a depressed person
Sleep terror disorder
Ethical issues 3 additional points added
A few points added on in the Catecholamine synthesis reaction
Types of error in organ morphogenesis
Descent of testes and ovaries
Campylobactor jejuni
Vibrio cholera
Herpesviruses latency
Hepatitis chart modified
Pyrazinamide drug
HAART drugs details
Antiprotozoal chart
Antihelminthic chart
TH1 & TH2 cell detail
extra T & B cell activation figure
Therapeutic antibody chart
Atrophy & its causes
Apoptosis and necrosis figure
Tyrosine kinase additions
Hypoparahyroid graph
Platelet plug formation flow chart
Polycythemia chart
Rituximab drug
Seratous ant detail
Adalimumab moa changed
Stages of change in over coming substance abuse
CNS stimulant drugs
Definations for glomerular dz
SRY gene

(plz if someone finds extra difference do write here, so that all can benifit) :D
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so guys

if i didn't yet buy FA

what would you recommend

FA2010 or FA2011
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I absolutely love the First Aid 2010. Its the best book I have ever used.

Now that I have the Step 2 CK for first aid... I will see if CK is @ the same level as the 2010 edition. :notsure:
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New stuff:
Postpartum mood disorders, in page 446 FA 2011.
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Fa 2011

For all the people studying to take the exam this year, If you have the chance to buy FA 2011 I will recommend it. It has more stuff. I have 2010 and 2011 and it really has a lot of little changes that at the end of the day are really important. Little details that make the difference.
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FA editions

Is there a difference between the 2009 edition of FA and the latest one ?
And what will be the latest edition in the market by now?
Is there a difference between the 2009 edition of FA and the latest one ?
And what will be the latest edition in the market by now?
I have 2010 and 2011. They are different. Yours must be outdated by now. If you are planning on taking the exam this year then just get the 2011 edition. There are few additional info here and there but they are all HY.

If you are short on money and doing the exam in 2012 -like me- then just wait till January and get the 2012 edition.
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Ebstien anomaly is one of the stuff that I remember that is in 2011 and not 2010. (Lithium side effects).
I have FA 2011. And I compared it with FA 2010. ( My study partner has FA 2010). And there were many small differences. :p

why do so many students love this book so much, i just dont get it!!!!!
why do so many students love this book so much, i just dont get it!!!!!
Cause it summaries the very important points from the larger review books :))

(But you need to know the mechanisms behind those summary from larger review books)

By reading just important points from FA, you can essentially recall the stuff from the larger book and score well.
as I remember, I think there is a PDF file contain the new topics and it mentioned them"
you don't have to buy the 2011 edition, but we have to find this file which contain all the differences .. plz guys I tried very much to find it, could you please help us have it
I have never heard of such a ile but it definitel sounds interesting.

As far as FA is concerned, it summarises up everything you need to know for step 1. EVERYTHING. That's why everyone loves it so much. :)
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