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High Yield Anatomy Notes in PDF

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My school had us take the NBME Anatomy shelf exam at the end of the course, and many of those of us who did well had studied from a high-yield list of ~300 items prepared by a professor.

It seemed like the majority of questions on the shelf exam were represented on that list. It was written toward both the USMLE and COMLEX exams, so there's some things that are probably not high-yield for just the USMLE... But it's worth a look-over when you're reviewing anatomy, anyway!

I have attached it here. :)


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No problem! Someone shared it with me - it had percolated into our class from friends at several different schools. Again, I don't know how high-yield it is (since I haven't taken Step 1 yet!), but it's worth reviewing, and short enough to read while you're taking the bus...
Where are you studying?
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