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its confusing

I think this would make more sense if I could draw it. You have to draw the numbers so they looks similar to the letters that they represent.
Just associate the backwards 3 with E and 4 or 8 with A and 5 with S and 7 with Y and backward with F or T and forwards 2 with S. It sounds difficult but it's really easy, try drawing them out. :)

A3 = Hemochromatosis = A3mochromatosis

B27 = PAIR mnemonic in FA

DR2 = Multiple Sclerosis = Mul2iple Sclerosis,
Hay Fever = Hay 2(backwards)ever
Goodpasture's Syndrome = Goodpas2(backwards)ure's

Grave's Ds = Gr8ve's Disease

Diabetes Type 1 = Dia4b3tes

RA = Rheum4toid Arthritis

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis = Ha5himoto's Thyroiditis

Pernicious Anemia = Pentad means 5

Steroid Responsive Nephrotic Syndrome = Nephrotic S7ndrome
well that really dazzled me :rolleyes:
1 - 1 of 14 Posts
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