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How many ATPs per Glucose Molecule

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First Aid states that in aerobic metabolism glucose produces 32/30 ATP depending on which shuttle. Technically that is correct since NADH does produce 2.5 ATP and FADH 1.5 ATP, and if you follow the pathway the values of FA's statement are correct. But if we assumed that then TCA would yield only 10 ATP!

Did FA simply forgot to count the linker 6 ATP? or there is something I'm missing?

Is there a list of first aid errata anyways?

Thank you
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specific nitpicky questions

Hi dude USMLE is most likely not really going to ask you to count ATP molecules... i mean yes they can ask you that but come on they know any nutless monkey who has taken a biochem class has probably memorized the details... they want to know how well you know your concepts and how well you can integrate your cycles together check out the kaplan lecture notes Barbie Hansen did one heck of a job its really easy to read and understand and gives you all that you need for the
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