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How many times should we read First Aid for Step 1 Prep?

  • None

    Votes: 42 38.9%
  • One time

    Votes: 11 10.2%
  • Two times

    Votes: 10 9.3%
  • Three times

    Votes: 18 16.7%
  • More than three times

    Votes: 30 27.8%
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hi every body
usually how many times we should read FA B4 EXAM??i m finiding it very leghthy..........
just wanted to know generally about other students.
thanks in advance
i personally think there is no point reading FA if the kaplan notes arent covered yet. because the FA notes are just short notes to help us remember. but reminding ourselves of the concepts is highly important. so i think read the FA while doing kaplan or goljan pathology, then again memorize FA while doing yr UW and NBME and only read FA a few days before the exam so u dont overwhelm yrself with too much information.

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You have to keep reading it again and again until you memorize it by heart. There's no way you enter Step 1 Exam without mastering FA from cover to cover.
Hi, I know this is old thread, but I see that you have already taken step 1. Honestly, how long did it take you to memorize it by heart? If you memorise every detail in first aid can you get 99? thx
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