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Hi guys, I'm a little bit desperate here. I took the self assessment form 1 from uw and the results were scary, i got 330 or 172. My exam is at the end of feb, I have failed this exam before so i know what I'm fighting. It seems I got anxious and tend to mix up the information, once I close the block I see my mistakes, but it's too late. But the reason I'm writing is to ask, how can I improve in 30 days, I know this is not a diet, (lose 20 pound in 30 days) but I need to know if someone has experienced a considerable increase in the score just reviewing FA, UW, and goljan (the small blue book) Because that's my only plan, 10-12 hours for 30 days straight. I plan to take form 2 in 15 days, ans NBME 7 on 30 days.

1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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