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How much is the total cost ?

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Guys, would you send me your opinion about how much do you spend , start before you did the STEP 1 until you got matched , Any idea?:cool: . . Is it so Expensive . . ??
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It depends on what you want to do.

If you are going to do obseverships, externships, and electives all around USA the cost can go up to $20,000.

The minimum cost is around $4000 to pay for the exams and the ERAS token and the ERAS applications.

Boy, it's really expensive :scared:
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you have to pay in ERAS

But i don't really get it, what's next to spend after we took all the exam ? besides elective etc . . . Would you please give me a clue ?
When apply to residency programs in ERAS they will charge you fees
$65 for the first ten programs
$8 for programs 11-20
$15 for programs 21-30
$25 for programs 31 and above

you apply for 200 programs
The cost will be
$65 + $80 + $150 + $(25X170) = $4545 :eek:

This is not to mention the costs of going to interviews all over the country
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