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How much is the total cost ?

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Guys, would you send me your opinion about how much do you spend , start before you did the STEP 1 until you got matched , Any idea?:cool: . . Is it so Expensive . . ??
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thank u
its so nice of u!
can u tell me how much only do i need for step one in total,including regist and other?
and how much time do i have for step2 after step1 ?
and where can we write step2,is it possible to write ovr sis ?
how much time we need to prepare for step one ,is 8 months is enough to prepare well ?
hope to see ur reply soon....
for step 1 you have to pay around $855 in total
u can give step 2 after alteast 6 months since ur step 1
for the CK u can give the test overseas but for CS you are required to go to US
the time reqd to prepare Step 1 vary depending upon the current status of knowledge you have and you can check your status by giving NBME forms or doin UWORD n Qbank.
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1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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