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How much is the total cost ?

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Guys, would you send me your opinion about how much do you spend , start before you did the STEP 1 until you got matched , Any idea?:cool: . . Is it so Expensive . . ??
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This is not an exact amount but just an estimate. $8000-10000

about 3000 usd for step1+2+CS.
1500 for airline ticket
1000-1500 for 2 months stay in the US.
so thats makes it around 6000$.
Plus if you count interviews and all, then it would increase around 2000 more.
This is just a rough estimate, you can search for other threads on this forum to get a better idea. Best of luck with all!
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The avg salary is about $45000 per year.
This increases by 2-3000 a year and yes it will cover all your expenses hopefully.
1 - 2 of 19 Posts
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