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Does your Medical Residency Personal Statement need some help? Are you looking for an experienced professional service to help take your Personal Statement to the next level? Residency Statement has two services built to take care of any level of work your Personal Statement needs whether it’s editing a draft with the Editing Service (S-ES) or full statement writing with the Writing Service (S-WS).

Don’t know how to choose between Editing Service (S-ES) or full statement Writing (S-WS)? Read below and discover which level you fall under.

Choose Editing Service (S-ES):

Level 1: Personal Statement draft is completed and has been looked over by a friend or colleague but still needs a professional polish

Level 2: Personal Statement draft is complete but needs a in-depth professional review and revision for grammar, spelling, tone, professional language and residency application readiness

Choose Writing Service (S-WS):

Level 3: Personal Statement is either an incomplete draft or an outline and needs completion or major revision

Level 4: Personal Statement has not been started yet and needs to be completed from scratch

If you fall in Level 1 or Level 2, the Editing Service (S-ES) is the best choice to get your Personal Statement professionally brought to residency program director’s standards. If you fall in Level 3 or Level 4, it would be best to go with the Writing Service (S-WS) and get your Personal Statement started from scratch with professional help.

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