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How should I utilize all the NBMEs? thanks

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Hello my good friends,
I'm planing to give my exam whenever the average of all my nbmes indicate i'm ready to get 230+.
So far I did the following:
1. finished UW once
2. KME 2 readings done
3. Goljan audio 2 times
4. my own notes 2 times
5. NBME 1 450/212

NOW doing 3rd round of all the stuff. should complete very soon. and UW wrong questions

My plan is to do all NBMEs starting with 7 then work backward. so let's say if 7, 6, and 5 indicate i'm on target then give the exam. if not then con't reviewing and doing the other NBMEs till I finish them. what do you think? basically how would you structure ur nbme if you want to do all of them.
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The best I could say is scatter the NBME's throughout your preparation time. What I mean is use them sparingly to gauge your progress, because they are limited in quantity, use them wisely since its not recommended to do the same one more than once if used for prediction.

Leave the later NBME's 5,6,7 for last. Also USWA is known to be a good predictor and study tool.
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