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I am new here
but I want to ask about something in the registration process, I should choose a country to have my exam for example :if I choose Middle East (Jordan)
then I wanted to change my exam center to be in USA not Jordan for the same step can I do that and how much it will cost me?

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To schedule your testing center you have to do it with Prometric not ECFMG. This is of course after you get your scheduling permit from ECFMG.

If you have already scheduled your testing center then give Prometric a call and ask them to change the testing region.
Their Middle East telephone number is 31 320 239 530

You can also do that online:
Go to this page
Then choose the testing center that you have already scheduled with and then follow the steps on "rescheduline" your exam. If you reschedule 2 weeks before the exam date there will be no fees but if you reschedule by short notice then they'll charge you $50-$150 depending on various factors.

See this thread for example

If you have not scheduled your exam center yet then I suggest you wait until you are 100% sure where you are going to take the exam then schedule it using this site

Let me know if I did not answer your question

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changing test center

hi fellows im new in here and i have somehow the same problem
would plz help me with that
iv just registered for step 2 ck and chosen thiland as my test region
i have just recieved my shedual permit which at top of that,thiland is printed as test center but due to some problems i v just changed my mind and want to take the test in uea which is in another region and iv not shedual the date with thiland prometric center what should i do to change my test region to uea?is it possible and if it is should i do that with ecfmg or prometric center in thiland or center in uea ?
plz help im so confused
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