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How to Crack UGC NET Exam?

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UGC NET Preparation Tips:

Step 1 – Understand the Syllabus & Exam Pattern:
Thoroughly go through the UGC NET Exam syllabus and exam pattern. That way you’ll know the topics to study and the weightage of each topic.
Step 2 – Attempt Mock Tests:
Take mock tests of Paper 1 & Paper 2 and identify your strong & weak areas to efficiently utilise the given time. Consider a score of less than 40% as weak.
Step 3 – Categorise Subjects as Strong & Weak:
Divide the subjects into two parts- strong & weak sections. Be honest with yourself.
Step 4 – Pick 2 Subjects at a time:
The entire UGC NET preparation is divided into 13 weeks (as shared in the preparation strategy pdf above). You have to pick up only 2 subjects at a time, 1 from Paper-1 and 1 from Paper-2.
Start with your strong subjects, since there are no sectional cut-offs, covering your strengths would save time and boost your Morale.
Step 5 – Improve your weak Subjects:
Then work on strengthening your weak areas by referring to the best books for UGC NET, and solving as many previous year question papers as possible.
Step 6 – Strengthen Current Affairs’ Knowledge:
For Current Affairs, which are asked in the topics of Paper 1 from People & Environment, ICT & Higher Education, I will be covering all of them in my sessions. However, it is always a good idea to read newspapers anyhow.

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