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The angry patient is often encountered with applicants in the CS exam, follow these steps to take the control back and ensure earning the case points:

1- Stay calm, don't frown or show that you are scared.

2- If the patient was crying, offer him tissues.

3- Ask: Why do you feel angry Mr. Anderson?

4- Let the patient express his feelings/opinion, during which do head nodding to make the patient know that you are a good listener.
a- If the patient said that he is angry from somebody's behavior (nurse..) say: We are sorry for that, I will make sure that this will not happen again.

b- If he said that you were late, say: I am sorry, I had to see a patient in the emergency room. I am now here to solve your problem and I want to help you feel better, is that OK?
NB: Usually the patient will return into control because he knows the game and he knows that you have limited time in each case.

Good luck
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