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Hello smallserenity,
I am interested to know your experience at Dr. Roger Washington's Clinic in Santa Clara.
I am an IMG looking for clinical experience in the US. I live in San Jose. Can you please email me the details and and your experience of the paid externship. My email is [email protected]
Thank you.
Hi Chavali,
I'll reply my experience here instead of your email so that others on the forum can also read it.

During my externship, I performed all the activities a Medical Assistant can do, which included taking patient's medical history, collecting the vitals, taking notes during consultations, performing EKG and spirometry.

Dr. Washington made me feel involved in his practice. He tried to get me to see as many patients with him as possible (some patients don't want externs in their consultations), included me during patient consultations, and we discussed each case after consultant. I learned how to write prescriptions, request blood tests and refer patients to specialist according to the patient's health insurance system requirements.

Furthermore, he gave me tutorials during my externships. Tutorial topics vary widely each time, he introduced the structure of USA health care system, gave me tips on how to strengthen my personal statements, and advice on how to improve my interview skills.

Rena, the current Medical Assistant, who work with Dr. Washington, is a really lovely person to work with. She really helped me settle in the practice. I highly encourage anyone who wants an externship in California to contact him directly and set up an appointment. His website is
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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