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This must be the most common question that eligible residents are asking at the time they start their match application journey.
I know there are commercial services out there that can help you such as and and and some others.
And I know there are free IMG friendly lists out there in the Internet.

But I think the most efficient way to do it, is Do it yourself.

Here's how;

The first step is go to FREIDA online
Use their search function and look for the specialty you are looking for.
Then choose the state (probably you don't mind any state, right!).
Then viola you have the list of all accredited graduate medical education programs in the whole USA.

In that list, you'll have links to all what you want such as the program website and the contact info.

In the program website try to locate (list of current residents or list of graduates), open that link and you will see the list of residents. Typically they mention the medical school that each resident graduated from. If you find them all (US Medical Schools) then that program is definitely NOT IMG friendly.

IMPORTANT: Do not rely on the ethnicity of the residents. You may find thousands of Asians and other ethnicities but they are simple US grads, so they are not regarded as IMGs. Vice versa, you may find a typical European looking American but it might be they are IMGs! so always look up the name of the medical school.

If this does not work, like for example the website has no list of residents then the next step is;

Call each and every one of them and ask the following;
"Do you currently have international medical graduates in your residents list?", do not ask "do you accept IMGs" because the sensitivity of that answer is very low.

Occasionally, they don't answer the phone. In this case, try all the emails they mention in their website and call them again and again. Do not leave a message mentioning your name so that u give yourself a chance to call back again tomorrow.

If they answer yes, then put that program in your ERAS IMG list.

Now that you have made your long list, you can go and use the other resources that I mentioned in the beginning to help you cross-match with your list. If you find a program that you have not already listed then you may add it (honestly this is a rare event).

The list you will be generating this way may be very long and perhaps many of them will be rejecting you anyway. But never take the risk of ignoring a glamorous university program that probably by chance find something in you that you don't know. Many programs have accepted one or two IMGs on occasions because those IMGs have some eye-opening points in their CVs! So increase the confidence interval of your list by applying to as many programs as you possibly can afford.

This procedure takes time. And you have to dedicate at least a whole week to generate your special IMG list. You may initially get confused as each program website is different from others but with time and efforts and motivation and persistence you'll eventually make your precious individualized and Free IMG friendly list of residency programs.


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So you mean that we should not use matcharesident or the img friendly list in this website?
I mean use them only to cross match with the list you made yourself. To confirm programs and sometimes to add programs you may have missed. but the important list is the list you made from your own efforts and research.
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