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How to Learn and Read passionately?

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Hi guys,

I think i will have an 8 months to take my exam, but still i don't really enjoy the studying process,

it makes my learn process getting slow and slow. Even i have big dream and determination, i'd still think it wouldn't enough to get a passion from this learning process.

Any idea guys? hehehe thank you.

Best Regards,:eek::eek:
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You need a to make a realistic plan and schedule with clear milestones. Without milestones this course is infinite and you will get lost. Believe in your ability and determination to get that residency spot and you'll be okay :)
Well planned is almost done. This is most important part. You should clear your aims. After that you make plan how to do it.

As reading and learning you need to know which type you are. There are some basic advice you can get, but after that is all up to you.

1. The first thing you must do is to learn to read. This is that you learn to read in correct way. Maximizing your reading comfort you maximize your output.

2. One another thing that you shouldn't have anything important (excluding of course reading) in your mind. This is important.

3. Choose the best reading place. If you like library go library. If you lprefer home read in home. The best place is where you are comfort and where you can minimize distracting activities.

4. motivation - nobody can put it in you, this is one thing you must find by yourself. Dream, dream and dream. After dreaming put your thoughts in paper and ask how you can make your dreams come true. This is what works for me.
What helps me to get motivated into studying (even though I haven't done much studying yet) is to read some awesome experiences from this forum or even preparation ideas and plans. This gets me really anxious to start to do something because otherwise I feel like i'm behind, and I start. Don't get overwhelmed with the load, take breaks every now and then. :rolleyes:
Thumbs up. That is good point. But atleast somehow the motivation must come in your passion to learn. But group can motivate highly.
1 - 2 of 6 Posts
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