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How to read the First Aid Book!

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I have the first aid book.
But my problem is how to read that? I think it has short abstracts and it's not easy for me to memorize that.

Do you have any suggestion?

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the way I read FA

My way is a little backwards, since I am not following Kaplan, but you might find it useful.
  • I go through a few pages at a time, but in no particular order.
  • I try to make sure I understand everything on a page. Some subjects I am very well-versed in; I can go a whole page or two in, say, genetics without having to look anything up. Most pages, though, take me 20-60 min. to go through!
  • I look things up in my "go to" references [Emedicine (online), RR Pathology, HY Neuro, Costanza Physiology], making notes in First Aid of things that I think will be important, or will tie together concepts for me, or page references to other sections of FA. Not a whole lot of extra stuff, not enough to make it crowded, but things that I know I will want to know when I review that material.
  • When I read a question or thread on this forum that I learn from, or when I do a QBank question and get it wrong, I go to that page in FA and start looking things up, adding notes.
  • Sometimes I jump from section to section as I chase down different connections. As long as I am engaged in the reading, it does not feel like work.
  • Some mornings, when I don't know where to start, I will flip through FA until I find a clean page and go from there.
I've been doing it this way for about five weeks, and I am maybe 1/3 of the way through FA. So it's not fast, even though I put a lot of work into it! However, when I do my second and third passes, I expect them to go quite quickly.
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First aid is not a primary source of learning - never make it so, it will be very time consuming since its hard to memorize.
Yes - this is very important! Even if you were to memorize everything in First Aid, you wouldn't be able to answer two- or three-step questions. It is definitely not a primary source, so don't think of it as such. It is a good place to collect everything, to make sure there are no holes in what you know and understand, and to review.
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