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How to remember the four major types of collagen?

the higher number you go the weaker it goes


Type I is the strongest as it is located in bones, skin, tendons, fascia, cornea, teeth and mature scars.

Type II little bit less strength seen in cartilage, vitreous humor, and nuclus pulposus

Type III goes even weaker as it is present in granulation tissue, embryonic tissue, uterus, blood vessels, and keloids.

Type IV is the weakest is it only supports a row of epithelial cells as it's found only in basement membranes.

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My version....hope it helps....
1--- Da BeST ONE(1) Freely Carries late wound repair as in Bone, Skin,Tendon,Fascia,,Cornea n late wound repair
2--- Cute n Vibrating Naked Tits(2 of them) in Cartilage, Vitreous body, Nucleus Pulposes .
3--- as a hint remember... A Fetus has Blood vessels, Skin, granulation tissue n lives in uterus
4--- is the basis(basement membrane) why you see(eyes),pee(kidney),hear(ears).

Sorry for the cheeky number 2 but hope it helps to memorize...good luck
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