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Certainly one of the most difficult tasks that we are asked to do while applying for the match is to write our own unique personal statements. Here I put some points that may guide you to get started.
  • Start by closing your eyes in a quiet place and drift away with your thoughts looking back at your past accomplishments and looking forward in the future where you want to be and what dreams you have.
  • Write down notes and small sentences whenever it pops in your mind and keep doing this for a couple of weeks. At the end you'll see that you already have several leads and sentences to build on them a great PS.
  • Do not make your PS very long. It's recommended to be in one page. ERAS accepts up to 28,000 characters (8 pages).
  • Do not write general PS. Make it specialty specific. Program directors will quickly recognize that you are applying to other specialties if your PS is non specific. You may even be program specific by telling how nice to be in that particular program.
  • No place for grammatical errors or spelling mistakes. When you finish your draft show it to people that have excellent command in English and you'll be surprised how many mistakes you have.
  • Don't forget to mention your unique strengths. If you don't know this then ask your friends, coworkers, and family about the good things in your personality and behavior.
  • Don't forget to mention your future career goals and perspectives.
  • Do not be overly informal nor be overly formal. Try to be somewhere in the middle.
  • The opening and the final paragraphs are very important. Try to make them as interesting and eye catching as far as possible.
  • Asking for expert help from PS writing companies may be your last resource. Nobody knows about you more than you yourself. If at all, use these services just to edit and modify your drafted PS not to write it for you from a scratch.

Hopefully following these few guidelines will set you on the way of writing your unique, great, and wonderful residency placement personal statement.


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