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Dear members and visitors,

I wanted to let you know about USMLE Forums and how it is different from other forums.

There are of course several other forums out there such as,, and to mention some of them.

In this forum we present ourselves as "The most reliable USMLE Online community". Our goal is to be distinguished from those other forums as they often contain wrongful, misleading, and biased information for USMLE Students.

While here, we strive to keep the content informative, timely, organized, and unbiased.

How do we do that?

Q/Somebody might ask, people (USMLE Students) are the same people, whether it's here or in any other forums, so how the reliability differs?

A/In, we (the staff) work round the clock to keep unwanted and non-sense posts off the forums. We delete hundreds of posts every month and we edit hundreds others. We correct the spelling, the grammer, and sometimes even the content of posts.

Some of the (behind-the-scene) maintenance tasks @ USMLE Forums:

  • We intervene by answering member questions when we see there's a need to do so and we delete posts that are misleading or uninformative.
  • We link text to appropriate online resources such as linking book names to their destinations and linking websites, qbanks, resources, ..etc to their appropriate online URLs.
  • We screen our polls for biased artificial inflation of votes and we ban them immediately.
  • We don't tolerate linking to piracy websites and we take copyright infringement seriously.
  • We search the Internet for important changes, events, news, and updates and we post them in our USMLE News section.
  • We delete spam on a daily basis and we respond to copyright complaints almost immediately.
  • We give infractions and warnings to members that do not follow the rules and we always strive to keep the discussions professional, independent, and focused.
  • We modify post content to avoid confusion such as by thumbnailing images and converting .doc to .pdf documents.
  • We move posts from thread to another to keep the theme/topic of a thread specific to avoid confusion.
  • We guide new visitors and newbies on where to find the appropriate information for their questions.
  • We tag threads all the time to keep a useful list of tags that can guide the members to the information they want easily.
  • We encourage useful posting by implementing the thanks points and ranking and we award the winners with prizes.

These are just some of the background tasks that we constantly work on every day to keep your forums (USMLE Forums) clean, professional, reliable, and unbiased.


UFs Staff

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USMLE Forums is the place I rely for all my questions and thoughts on USMLE as well as other stuffs related to US Residency. The information is out there in the other places too but none is as organized as UF. Indeed, it is the most reliable! I thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart for giving us such a place...its almost like a blessing for a newbie like me!

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Yes.. I agree with all that is said.. Usmle-forums is not one of the best but its THE best. We get prompt replies by the staff here, they answer all the questions from the most difficult to the most silly ones..
I signed up recently, but I am glad I found it.
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